Behind the Scenes





Ever since I started working, I have spent more time in front of the camera instead of behind it.  I was rummaging through old photos the other day and found these ones, which I took for artist Zhang Yanzi during her artist residency at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences last summer.

Although a little shy in front of the camera, Zhang was a pleasure to work with and her elegance is easily captured by the lens.  Most comfortable in her natural environment – painting of course, I particularly love the calmness captured in these photos, which directly mirrors the artist’s temperament.  One year later, Zhang’s exhibition “Essence” is currently on show at the HKMMS.  We have definitely come a long way since these photos were first taken, but I do very much enjoy looking back at the journey, while appreciating the moments which started it all.

For more information about “Essence”, please visit here.



The World at My Feet





“The World at My Feet” is my latest photography project which made its debut on Instagram back in March.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the inspiration to put together a thematic body of work, but my trip to Ho Chi Minh City really opened up my eyes.  The feedback I’ve received on these photos so far have been very encouraging and I look forward to developing this series into something more concrete.  Perhaps one day it will become a project that exceeds Instagram and the digital world.

But for now, for those who don’t follow me on Instagram, please check me out at @oisfor and follow this series at #otravels and #worldatmyfeet