First Impressions

Watercolour_Oh Happy Day

Gramercy_Aerialist Press

Affair_Kimberly FitzSimons

Lavender_Julia Song Ink

Lately I’ve had re-branding on my brain.  I just finished designing new business cards for work and now I’m itching to tweak my own branding for my website and “O is for…”.  A business card says a lot about yourself and your image.  I collect all interesting cards I see and receive on a daily basis.  It’s just a little thing I do and I love to analyze each one and keep mental notes on interesting ideas and design elements to try on a next project.

My latest guilty pleasure (and recent source of inspiration) are wedding invitations.  Needless to say I love all things paper but I find wedding invitations to be especially interesting because they exclusively represent the people.  The design choices are not influenced by business strategies, marketing goals or mass appeal .. these choices are about two people and the relationship they share.  For me, it’s helpful to see and compare the differences when there’s almost complete freedom for creativity and designing something purely from love.

Ultimately, a wedding invitation (similar to a business card) is a one time opportunity to make a big impression.  It’s your moment to shine and show the world who you are, either as an official couple or as an individual.  It will likely take me some more brainstorming and time before I finally decide on the branding for here.  However, lucky for me I quite enjoy this type of work and I don’t need to bill myself by the hour.

Images: Watercolour, Oh Happy Day! // Gramercy, Aerialist Press // Affair, Kimberly FitzSimons // Lavender, Julie Song Ink


Spring in Bloom

Spring in Bloom_3Spring in Bloom_4Spring in Bloom_5Spring in Bloom_2Spring in Bloom_1Spring in Bloom_6Spring in Bloom_7

There is something about Spring that makes me feel extra feminine.  Lately I’ve been very inspired by soft pinks and peach tones, lace and vintage accessories.  Although my wardrobe has yet to reflect my latest loves, I’ve been incorporating these girly touches into my everyday life.  From fresh cut flowers to vintage trinkets, over sized teacups to my favourite candles .. it is easy to find ways to keep romance in the air all year long.

Inspirations: Rose in vintage trinket box, Ellermann // Candle, Diptyque // Perfume, Chloe and Jo Malone // Teacup, Capital M