Morning Access

It’s always a privilege to be able to wander the exhibition halls before the fair opens.  Normally I’m too busy working during the show to take a look at fellow participating galleries, so it was a rare treat to capture a few snaps before the crowd comes in.  So without further ado, a few pieces that caught my eye during Art Basel Hong Kong 2017!


Behind the Scenes





Ever since I started working, I have spent more time in front of the camera instead of behind it.  I was rummaging through old photos the other day and found these ones, which I took for artist Zhang Yanzi during her artist residency at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences last summer.

Although a little shy in front of the camera, Zhang was a pleasure to work with and her elegance is easily captured by the lens.  Most comfortable in her natural environment – painting of course, I particularly love the calmness captured in these photos, which directly mirrors the artist’s temperament.  One year later, Zhang’s exhibition “Essence” is currently on show at the HKMMS.  We have definitely come a long way since these photos were first taken, but I do very much enjoy looking back at the journey, while appreciating the moments which started it all.

For more information about “Essence”, please visit here.


Sound Waves

SoundwaveI recently had the opportunity to create a series of works for a client for their office space.  The final product was meant to be a hanging textile piece, to add a bit of warmth to their otherwise stark hallway.  Focusing on repetition and lines, the outcome was an abstract composition creating depth and movement, while embodying a sense of fluidity and vitality.

How Bout Them Birds

Leila Jeffreys-01 “Slim” Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo // “Rosie” Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo // “Neville” Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo // “Commander Skyring” Gang-Gang Cockatoo

I came across the photographs of Australian artist Leila Jeffreys while sourcing some artworks for a client some time last year.  Known for her unusual portraits of birds, Jeffreys has developed an intriguing series of works based on these fine feathered creatures.  I have never been particularly fond of birds (coincidentally after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds), but I couldn’t take my eyes off of these striking portraits.  Her “Wild Cockatoo” series attracted me simply due to their colours, but what was unexpected was the sense of calmness I felt from these photographs.  Jeffreys was able to isolate an intimate moment with each bird, capturing not only their character and personality, but also their life story.  Revisiting her works one year later, Jeffreys has now expanded to include a series on “Prey”, catching rare moments with eagles, falcons and owls.

For more information on Leila Jeffreys and her gallery representation, visit her website here.

Affordable Art Fair Instagram Diary












My girlfriends and I headed to the VIP preview of the Affordable Art Fair last night.  Being the first edition here after successful fairs in London, New York and Singapore .. I was interested to see the reaction from local gallerists and collectors.  The fair was quite small compared to Art HK and Fine Art Asia, but it did draw in some very interesting work from galleries around the world.  Being branded as “affordable” I saw a larger range of prints, photographs, and smaller paintings which are quite suitable for young collectors like myself.  I bought my first piece of art 2 years ago, a small painting by an emerging Japanese artist.  It probably doesn’t have much investment value, but it simply caught my eye and I’m very happy I started my collection with it.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to add more substantial pieces, but at the moment I’ll just trust my instincts and go with my heart.