Sound Waves

SoundwaveI recently had the opportunity to create a series of works for a client for their office space.  The final product was meant to be a hanging textile piece, to add a bit of warmth to their otherwise stark hallway.  Focusing on repetition and lines, the outcome was an abstract composition creating depth and movement, while embodying a sense of fluidity and vitality.


Miss Saigon

IMG_5818IMG_5815 IMG_5824

Club Monaco Silk Pants // Olenka White Tank // Zara Sandals // Burberry Sunglasses // Celine Cabas Tote

Traveling light is usually a challenge for me, but at least when you travel to warmer climates, clothes don’t take up as much space.  I usually choose neutral coloured tops which can easily match an array of bottoms – from shorts, light trousers and breezy skirts.  Silks and light cotton take up very little room when rolled up, and any residual wrinkles can be removed with a quick steam.  And if you don’t have enough space to pack all your favourite accessories, I tend to stick to the essentials – a pair of sunglasses, a scarf and a good lipstick.  People often underestimate the power of colour, but a bold lip can instantly transform any outfit from last-minute to polished chic.

Photos by NN

How Bout Them Birds

Leila Jeffreys-01 “Slim” Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo // “Rosie” Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo // “Neville” Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo // “Commander Skyring” Gang-Gang Cockatoo

I came across the photographs of Australian artist Leila Jeffreys while sourcing some artworks for a client some time last year.  Known for her unusual portraits of birds, Jeffreys has developed an intriguing series of works based on these fine feathered creatures.  I have never been particularly fond of birds (coincidentally after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds), but I couldn’t take my eyes off of these striking portraits.  Her “Wild Cockatoo” series attracted me simply due to their colours, but what was unexpected was the sense of calmness I felt from these photographs.  Jeffreys was able to isolate an intimate moment with each bird, capturing not only their character and personality, but also their life story.  Revisiting her works one year later, Jeffreys has now expanded to include a series on “Prey”, catching rare moments with eagles, falcons and owls.

For more information on Leila Jeffreys and her gallery representation, visit her website here.