In the Kitchen: Fusilli al Telefono

In the Kitchen_Fusilli al Telefono

In the Kitchen_Fusilli al Telefono_2

Last weekend I found myself overly uninspired with my collection of take-out menus and decided to search for a simple recipe for a home-cooked meal.  Usually the main reason I don’t cook too often is due to time, but in reality, there are many simple recipes for one-pot meals that are easy to prepare and completed in under 30 minutes.  When I don’t know what to eat, I always turn to pasta, so this simple Fusilli al Telefono recipe was a great find!  You honestly cannot go wrong with the combination of tomato, basil and cheese.  I already had most ingredients in the refrigerator and pantry so preparation took no time at all.  The longest part was waiting for the pasta to cook (which I used to enjoy a nice glass of red while taking in all the aromas of tomato and basil from the simmering sauce).

Extra bonus – cleanup was a breeze as well!


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