In the Kitchen: Fusilli al Telefono

In the Kitchen_Fusilli al Telefono

In the Kitchen_Fusilli al Telefono_2

Last weekend I found myself overly uninspired with my collection of take-out menus and decided to search for a simple recipe for a home-cooked meal.  Usually the main reason I don’t cook too often is due to time, but in reality, there are many simple recipes for one-pot meals that are easy to prepare and completed in under 30 minutes.  When I don’t know what to eat, I always turn to pasta, so this simple Fusilli al Telefono recipe was a great find!  You honestly cannot go wrong with the combination of tomato, basil and cheese.  I already had most ingredients in the refrigerator and pantry so preparation took no time at all.  The longest part was waiting for the pasta to cook (which I used to enjoy a nice glass of red while taking in all the aromas of tomato and basil from the simmering sauce).

Extra bonus – cleanup was a breeze as well!


Latest Obsession: LOBs & BOBs

Latest Obsession_Lob-01-01-01

I’ve stayed true to my long locks for a very long time and although it’s very much become my signature look, I’ve had the recent urge to chop it all off.  And with the recent trend of shorter, textured dos, it’s been difficult to ignore all the signs.  Should I give into temptation?  Love to hear your thoughts!

Images: The Beauty Department 1, The Beauty Department 2, Le Fashion, Box No. 216

Cable Knit




Yoluk Fur Vest // Massimo Dutti Sweater // Finders Keepers Skirt // BLN Boots

Winter just isn’t complete without a cosy knit sweater, a furry vest and long leather boots.  Hong Kong might not be as chilly as Toronto, but luckily I still get a couple cooler months to break out these winter staples.  What are your cold weather must-haves?

Photos by NN

Paris Instagram Diary
















I can’t think of a better way to kick off my first post of 2015 than to reminisce about my favourite trip of 2014.  Having visited Paris numerous of times thanks to the magic of television and the beauty of cinema, I must say that the city was everything I had imagined it to be.  I love being on foot when visiting new places, and this time, I felt like I could happily wander the streets while getting lost in the history of the architecture, the art on the walls and the story behind each glass of wine. 

Highlights of my trip .. favourite shopping spot in the city: Saint Germain de Pres, best food experience: Le Dauphin, favourite cultural spot: Musee d’Orsay, best souvenir: tea from Mariage Freres and most recommended site for my next trip: Le Versailles.