Devon on Devonshire





There’s no better way to spend a lazy Sunday than brunching at your favourite breakfast spot.  During our last visit to Sydney, I took advantage of the city’s trendy brunch culture to try as many restaurants as possible.  One of the places we decided to check out was this little cafe called Devon in Surrey Hills.  A new addition to the neighbourhood of other popular brunch hotspots, Devon certainly lived up to expectations.  The restaurant was small but cozy, with a front section for takeout and limited bar seating and then a dine in section at the back.  Of course the first thing I ordered was my usual skim latte before I dissected the menu which offered an interesting selection of Western and Japanese fusion dishes.  We ended up agreeing that their two daily specials sounded most appealing that morning.  I wouldn’t normally think of ordering seafood for the first meal of the day but the miso grilled salmon paired with a smoked eel croquette and a 63 degree egg satisfied my cravings for breakfast type foods as well as my love for fish.  It was the best of both worlds and I definitely left a very happy customer.

Photos by NN


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