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First full week back in Hong Kong and I’m already having severe vacation withdrawal.  For those who follow me on Instagram, you’ve already had a sneak peek of my vacation.  We accomplished quite a bit this trip so looking forward to sharing all our wonderful moments with you over the next few weeks.

Highlights of my trip .. favourite spot in the city: Hyde Park, best food experience: Quay Restaurant for lunch, favourite brunch spot: Devon Cafe, best souvenir: sweets from Happy Lab and most recommended coffee spot for my next trip: Cornersmith.


Walking on Sunshine




Jack Wills Floral Dress // Ginza Kanematsu Beige Heels // Burberry Sunglasses // Lilpengee Gold and Silver Rings // Krysten Kauder Alphabet Bracelet

After weeks of rain, the weather Gods finally decided to reward us with some sun!  We enjoyed it by taking a ferry ride over to the dark side for a quick stroll by the water followed by some retail therapy.  It was pretty much a typical Sunday afternoon, but it felt rewarding that we didn’t opt to stay on the island as we normally do.  The best part of this city is there are always new nooks and crannies to explore, new places to eat at and new people to meet.  So happy weekend everyone, go out and explore!

Peachy Announcement

Peachy Announcement

When we heard the wonderful news that my dear friend Sandra from Simply Peachy and her hubby were expecting, we were all very excited and happy for the soon-to-be new parents.  I was equally as excited when Sandra asked if I could help design some artwork for their baby announcement.  I previously worked with Sandra for her Just Peachy dodgeball logo and so she wanted to keep the same look and “peachiness” to match her brand.  As I was working off of the original logo, there wasn’t much re-designing needed so I concentrated on colours and making each “peach” unique and fitting to its role within the family.  The main problem I ran into was creating the Papa Peach as the original peachy colours tones are already quite feminine.  I knew I couldn’t drastically alter the colour of the peach, so my solution was to concentrate on the highlighting the individual qualities of the other two peaches instead.  Sandra and her hubby were both happy with the finished artwork which makes my work even more enjoyable when clients are satisfied.