Champagne Supernova





Snake Skin Print Dress // Chanel Purse // Zara Sandals

I think it’s safe to say that many girls, myself included, pay a lot of attention to their hair.  Although I have been blessed with naturally wavy and thick hair, this all becomes a disadvantage during the Hong Kong summers.  My hair simply does not survive the day with all the rain and humidity which is rather discouraging when trying to style it.  Last year, after discovering the ease and control of a ballerina bun, that became my go to hairstyle for the entire summer.  The bun was effortless, chic but more importantly lasted from day until night.  This summer however, I’ve been experimenting with new possibilities.

NN and I were out for his birthday celebrations (starting with a champagne brunch at one of our new favourite restaurants) and even though I try to stay perfectly coiffed normally, we put in the extra effort while getting ready for the special occasion.  I prefer to attempt updos with day old hair as the added texture is easier to work with and I don’t have to use as much product.  This simple side ponytail only required slight teasing at the crown, an elastic band and a few bobby pins to keep things neat.  I finished the look with a quick re-curling of the ends of my hair, followed by a light spritz of hairspray.  This hairstyle was just as long lasting as the ballerina bun, but I felt more feminine with the gentle curls framing the side of the face.  I haven’t found another occasion to repeat this look yet, but I have a feeling it may become this summer’s favourite.

Photos by NN


Miniature Style

Miniature Style_1

There comes a point in every girl’s life that we are no longer able to avoid the reality that we’re all growing up and it’s time to face the facts.  Slowly but steadily, friends are settling down, some engaged and a few already married.  However recently it seems that after the race to the altar, people are heading straight for babyville.  Gone are the days of bridal showers and bachelorette parties, now it’s all about baby Christenings and “one-month” birthday celebrations.

NN and I have been planning our trip to Sydney this August and all of our gift shopping so far has been for kids.  Whereas I used to pass by children’s clothing stores without so much as a peek at the window displays, lately that’s all I have noticed.  Honestly the experience has been similar to a child in a candy store, with the array of colours and patterns, I don’t even know where to begin.  I was most surprised by the styles and variety which have far improved since my childhood days.  At times I was even feeling envious the clothes didn’t come in adult sizes.

While some designers like DVF have collaborated with Gap Kids to create more affordable collections, many high end fashion brands like Chloe and Burberry all have their own children’s lines.  Although only catering to a niche group of shoppers, it’s rather hard to ignore when Harper Beckham and Suri Cruise have both ended up on best dressed lists before they could even walk.  I’ll leave it up to you parents to decide whether this is all necessary or not, but either way happy shopping!

Images: Geo Print Dress, Seed Heritage // Striped Eyelet Dress, Gap Kids // Nussy Dress, Bonpoint // A-Line Top & Shorts, COS // Print Dress, Seed Heritage // Embroidered Chambray Dress, Gap Kids







Initial Knit Sweater // COS Tank // Zara Floral Skirt // Celine Cabas Tote // Zara Sandals // Burberry Sunglasses // Hermes Bracelet

Since I can remember I’ve always loved wearing black.  This universally flattering colour simply works with every occasion and normally caters to most of my moods.  Over the years I’ve become more adventurous with my colour selections and have even developed a strong appreciation for patterns and florals.  However, when shopping, I still catch myself thinking “I wonder if this comes in black”.  Now a wardrobe full of dark coloured clothes is definitely a challenge during the Hong Kong summers, but every once and again it’s still nice to revisit my first fashion love.

Photos by NN

Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

There’s only one word I can use to summarize May and June, and that is busy!  From preparing for Art Basel Hong Kong to Art Macau, and more exhibitions back to back, summer couldn’t have come at a better time so I can refocus on personal matters as work is finally slowing back down.  Happy July everyone and it’s good to be back!