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I just spent a wonderful week in China touring Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi and Huangzhou. My parents planned this trip as I’m often hesitant about traveling to China. This hesitation is mostly from previous experiences when I visited as a young child, but in honesty, this developing nation never ceases to amaze me. Especially the cities we visited this time, were not only rich in culture, but also home to some of the most breathtaking Chinese landscapes. Each place we visited was not just visually stunning, but was also a peek into the past as each location had its own unique story. Although one week is only a short introduction to Chinese History 101, but at the end of the trip, I felt very much in the middle of it all.

Highlights of my trip .. best historical site: West Lake, best food experience: Wuxi ribs, best souvenir: fresh water pearls and Dragon Well tea, and most recommended site for my next trip: Huangshan.


Spring in Bloom

Spring in Bloom_3Spring in Bloom_4Spring in Bloom_5Spring in Bloom_2Spring in Bloom_1Spring in Bloom_6Spring in Bloom_7

There is something about Spring that makes me feel extra feminine.  Lately I’ve been very inspired by soft pinks and peach tones, lace and vintage accessories.  Although my wardrobe has yet to reflect my latest loves, I’ve been incorporating these girly touches into my everyday life.  From fresh cut flowers to vintage trinkets, over sized teacups to my favourite candles .. it is easy to find ways to keep romance in the air all year long.

Inspirations: Rose in vintage trinket box, Ellermann // Candle, Diptyque // Perfume, Chloe and Jo Malone // Teacup, Capital M

Snapshots of Beijing: Black and White

Beijing Diary_4Beijing Diary_12Beijing Diary_8Beijing Diary_1Beijing Diary_2Beijing Diary_10Beijing Diary_9

I’ll be off to Shanghai tomorrow which reminded me that I should really go through the photos from my last trip.  Back in November, NN and I made a quick trip to Beijing.  Although it was just a short few days, the city definitely lived up to my expectations.  From the food, the architecture and visiting all the historical sites, I was truly in cultural heaven.

Highlights of my trip .. best historical site: the Forbidden City, best food experience: Black Sesame Kitchen  and best souvenir: teacups from Capital M.

Photos by NN

Easy Breezy




Massimo Dutti Sweater // Evisu Jeans // Hermes Silk Scarf // Chanel Bag // Nude Patent Peeptoes

There’s no easier outfit than a cozy knitted sweater and that perfect pair of jeans.  For a casual day, you can easily pair this look with ballet flats or a pair of Converse.  As I needed a transitional outfit from day to night, I opted for a pair of heels and accessorized with a silk scarf for a feminine touch and that extra pop of colour.  Sometimes simple is just the best choice as this combination is not only effortless but also tres chic.

Photos by NN

Affordable Art Fair Instagram Diary












My girlfriends and I headed to the VIP preview of the Affordable Art Fair last night.  Being the first edition here after successful fairs in London, New York and Singapore .. I was interested to see the reaction from local gallerists and collectors.  The fair was quite small compared to Art HK and Fine Art Asia, but it did draw in some very interesting work from galleries around the world.  Being branded as “affordable” I saw a larger range of prints, photographs, and smaller paintings which are quite suitable for young collectors like myself.  I bought my first piece of art 2 years ago, a small painting by an emerging Japanese artist.  It probably doesn’t have much investment value, but it simply caught my eye and I’m very happy I started my collection with it.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to add more substantial pieces, but at the moment I’ll just trust my instincts and go with my heart.

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures_1Simple Pleasures_2Simple Pleasures_3Simple Pleasures_4Simple Pleasures_5Simple Pleasures_6Simple Pleasures_7

Massimo Dutti Shirt // Club Monaco Skirt // Hermes Silk Scarf // Alphabet Bags Clutch // Repetto Oxfords

We were blessed with fabulous weather this weekend and I .. along with most of Hong Kong .. decided it was best to spend it outside.  A quick bus ride to the south side and it was a wonderful afternoon spent by the water while sipping ice tea and enjoying the sunshine on my face.  For those who know me know that I’m the biggest fan of cozy sweaters, winter boots and cashmere scarves, but I was more than happy to switch to a breezy silk shirt and lace skirt for the day. Even though this is a sign that the dreadful hot summer is just around the corner, fingers crossed that this fine weather stays for just a little bit longer.

Photos by NN

Connect with Me

Connect with Me

We’re all guilty of this .. perhaps me more than others .. but life just sometimes gets in the way of blogging.  Managing a gallery full time (and often with irregular hours), sometimes I just lack the time (and energy) to sit down in front of my laptop and gather my thoughts.  The problem is my mind is always racing with ideas and if only the day had more than 24 hours, blogging would be the ideal place for me to consolidate and share them.

So recently I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and joined Instagram and Pinterest.  Trying to maintain more social media outlets on top of everything else may not be the best idea, however I must admit I’m addicted to the ease of capturing and saving everything I see instantly.  I’m still relatively new at this so please bear with me as I test the waters.  But ultimately I hope I’ll be able to share even more tidbits of the world through my eyes for everyone to see.

A Simple Soiree


I still remember my first birthday in Hong Kong.  I had just moved here for one year and it was an intimate gathering with a couple of friends from back home.  Moving to a new city is never easy as it seems you’re leaving a whole part of your life behind.  Four years later, I feel very lucky and blessed to still be able to share this day with new friends and old.  To my friends here who were able to spare an evening to spend with me over dinner and drinks, and to my friends afar who took the effort to call and send me their wishes .. thank you for making this another memorable year.