Sneak Peek

A sneak peak at my next project.  After two long days on set, it’s back to my computer to finish the designs.  Can’t reveal too much at the moment but all should be done by end of September.  Fingers crossed for a smooth month!


Summery Treats

For someone who didn’t grow up in Hong Kong, the summers here can be quite unbearable.  With the humidity and the sweltering heat, I usually find myself spending my Sunday afternoons inside with the air con blasting.  But as it’s starting to cool down, I’ve been more inclined to leave my apartment and go for a wander.  On the top of my list this weekend was to visit Lab Made in Tai Hang to try their liquid nitrogen ice cream.  The overall concept seemed quite logical to me.  As liquid nitrogen freezes the ice cream within seconds (normal ice cream takes 30 minutes plus to freeze), the expected outcome is a smoother, creamier texture with a fresher taste.  I didn’t have high expectations but more wanted to visit for the gimmick and the experience.  We settled on the flavours “Purple Rice” and “Strawberry” and although I didn’t find it outstandingly different from normal ice cream, the “Purple Rice” was a refreshing take on the traditional Chinese dessert.  The “Strawberry” on the other hand was a little too sweet for my liking but still we licked the last drops out of both cups.

Photos by NN

Peachy Keen

My favourite part of each project is deciding on the colour scheme. I can look at colours all day. Each shade, each tone .. a slight variation and the entire outlook changes. When I was first approached by my friend San to design a logo for their all girls dodge ball team, I was excited by this new challenge. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any branding work and even though they only needed one logo, my mind was racing with ideas. The icing on the cake was the room for creativity I was given. Their only request was a “happy peach” to match their team motto that dodge ball should be fun, chirpy and cheerful. I’m guessing the competitiveness of sports have gotten the best of people? Seriousness aside, I was more than peachy to oblige in this cutesy design.